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Wind Energy

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The main purpose of the Wind Energy Project Team is to build a solid foundation of the theory, design, manufacturing techniques, and testing methods of a small scalable Wind Turbine. In designing our electricity producing wind turbine, we will need a generator, wind turbine blades, a hub for attachment of the blades and motor, a mount and tower structure to support the turbine into the air, as well as an electric control system. Along with new blade design, our team plans to completely redesign and reconstruct the transmission, shaft and bearing system, and support structure of the turbine. With these changes we hope to increase efficiency, power output, and stability while giving the turbine the capability to self start with sufficient winds. As far as testing and monitoring, an Arduino micro-controller will be used alongside an LCD screen, anemometer, and other components to output and record voltage, wind speed, turbine speed, and other parameters.